Sunday, 29 July 2012


Hey I am Dinesh and this is a small blog where i'll document my day to day journey just in case i end up doing something worth to be proud and happy of later in my life and want to look back at how i've improved from what i started off. Currently working at ??? ... but ahh this is not a blog i've written to advertise myself so am gonna stop the introduction right here ;) am not much of a writer but, i've always liked to document things I do. Always had this stupid habit of writing down key notes on topic which i work on .. to remember them later.. but darn.. always misplaced the Word file :D so ended up losing most of it by the time I moved on to a different topic :D .. so so thought its time to make something online which i'd have access to even when am travelling.

So... Here goes !!! \m/

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  1. Hi, Dinesh! I can ensure you that writing notes is not a stupid habit, but very useful one! Please, don't lose it. It will help you in future :)