Sunday, 20 January 2013

Back to Life

So I've been quite busy with work lately and could not complete the actual task which i had started this blog for. I had many long random posts on Kernel Exploitation here on this blog for some time before i finally decided to delete all of them.

I could not see myself making much progress on the topic and the cycle mentioned in my first blog post was failing miserably so i've moved on to better topics which i would actually be using in my day to day life :)

I've worked on a huge number of topics ranging from xmlhttp scripts, python codes, mobile testing methodologies to blah blah blah so it would not be possible to blog all of them but i'll try and keep this blog updated from now on.

Chao guys and hope i do not have to delete my blog again coz of some stoopid decisions :D

Ohh btw i am a fan of Dilbert and i just noticed that we both share some similar thoughts ;)

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